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Give Your Clients 2 Months of FREE Workout Music!


What is RockMyRun?

RockMyRun has real DJs creating high-tempo, seamless music mixes to motivate your clients to push futher and enjoy their workouts more!

Continuous, Upbeat Music

Real DJs (not algorithms) deliberately select the best portions of songs to create a consistent, upbeat energy. Unlike most other music services, the songs are mixed together with seamless transitions to avoid any awkward pauses.

Music for Fitness

The beats per minute (BPM) of single song solutions can vary greatly, whereas our DJ mixes are specifically selected songs which are blended and curated with a consistent BPM that aligns with the fitness class experience.


1,000s of Music Mixes

1,000s of mixes with todays top artists! Our DJs have created a huge library of mixes in many different genres and BPM to make sure you never run out of music!


We’ve proven that RockMyRun’s high-energy seamless music mix format leads to an increase of up to 35% in motivation and enjoyment. We all know when you hear the right music at the right time your workout becomes more enjoyable and the time flies by!


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Proven to Motivate


Giving your clients great music will build more loyalty

The right music at the right time is extremely important because it can enhance the member experience and result in improved fitness performance. Our music is proven to do both, which your clients will love and inturn build loyalty!

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How to give your clients the promo

Download the PDF

This PDF is will tell your clients about RockMyRun and the 2 Months of Free Music offer. Also, easy instructions on how to redeem the offer.

Email PDF to your clients

Email blasts are the simplest way to get this offer to your clients. A simple sentence from you about the offer, in the email, is the best way to build trust and get engagement from your clients.


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